Pose and Show


Show Definitions
Pose noun – A display of emotion or behavior that is insincere or intended to deceive.
Usage example: my cheerfulness was just a pose, for I was feeling miserable

Show is a synonym for pose in pretence topic. In some cases you can use "Show" instead the word "Pose" as a noun or a verb.
Nearby Words: posed, poser, posing
Synonyms for Pose


Show Definitions
Show noun – An outward and often exaggerated indication of something abstract (as a feeling) for effect.
Usage example: the children made a show of disgust when confronted with asparagus

Pose is a synonym for show in pretence topic. Sometimes you can use "Pose" instead the word "Show" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as appearance, false front.
Nearby Words: showy, showed, showing, showcase, shown
Synonyms for Show

How words are described

old old pose old show
full full pose full show
particular particular pose particular show
similar similar pose similar show
Other adjectives: normal, typical, certain, standard, original, single, popular, actual, real, famous, new, final, classic, last, awesome, favorite.

Common collocations

kind pose kind show kind
body pose body show body
amount pose amount show amount
sort pose sort show sort
Other nouns: time, traits, faces.

Both words in one sentence

  • Recap / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S2 E4 "Luna Eclipsed" Twilight Sparkle's pose when her costume is introduced is very similar to her pose in the fashion show in "Suited for Success".
  • Anime / Under the Dog Shout-Out: In the trailer, Anthea's upright stance when falling and shooting is extremely similar to Canaan's pose in that show's first episode, which Masahiro Ando also directed.
  • Coy, Girlish Flirt Pose A common pose for young ladies to show they are interested in someone, but in a subtle way rather than being overly seductive.
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