Position and Ranking


Position noun - The placement of someone or something in relation to others in a vertical arrangement.
Usage example: holds the lead position in the standings

Ranking is a synonym for position. In some cases you can use "Ranking" instead a noun "Position".


Ranking noun - A scheme of rank or order.
Usage example: in one ranking of the best places to live, San Francisco surpassed all the other cities in the U.S.

Position is a synonym for ranking in line up topic. You can use "Position" instead the word "Ranking" as a noun or a verb.

Nearby Words: rank, ranked, ranker

Both words in one sentence

  • Troubled Fetal Position In Steven Universe, Peridot adopts this position when she manages to accidentally join the Crystal Gems, having chewed out and insulted one of the highest-ranking people on the Gem homeworld.
  • Ambadassador It's been said that high-ranking FSOs are equivalent in prestige to high-ranking military officers because of the years and years of hard work involved in getting to that position.
    Source: Ambadassador
  • The main rule is to never put the character in a high-ranking story position, although they may be the narrator.
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