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Position verb – To arrange something in a certain spot or position.
Usage example: positioned the chairs around the room

Remove is an antonym for position in place physically in location topic.
Nearby Words: positive, positively, positioned, positioning, positing
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Remove verb – To take away from a place or position.
Usage example: he carefully removed the old manuscript from the shelf

Position is an antonym for remove.
Nearby Words: removed, removal, removing, removable, remover
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Similar words of position
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Similar words of remove
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How words are described

good good position good remove
common common position common remove
bad bad position bad remove
former former position former remove

Common collocations

character position character remove character
people position people remove people

Both words in one sentence

  • This trope is deconstructed as he had a 'Critical Debate' that left the Templars embarrassed enough to remove him from the position.
  • Copy Cat Sue They'll then rob the spotlight, prove the canon character to be unworthy of his/her position, and either relegate the character to obsolescence or, perhaps, even remove them entirely.
    Source: Copy Cat Sue
  • Heroic Seductress Sex as espionage: Getting into bed with people who have high clearance levels, or even the Evil Overlord himself, then using that position to get information or just remove the threat entirely.
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