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Prediction noun – A declaration that something will happen in the future.
Warning is a synonym for prediction. In some cases you can use "Warning" instead a noun "Prediction".
Nearby Words: predict, predictable, predicted, predicting, predictive
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Warning noun – The act or an instance of telling beforehand of danger or risk.
Usage example: she delivered a strict warning that anyone who was caught stealing would be fired

Prediction is a synonym for warning in omen topic. You can use "Prediction" instead a noun "Warning", if it concerns topics such as notice of possible occurrence.
Nearby Words: warn, warned
Synonyms for Warning

How words are described

good good prediction good warning
similar similar prediction similar warning
specific specific prediction specific warning
original original prediction original warning
Other adjectives: initial, accurate, single, obvious, cryptic, false, psychic, ominous, dire, early, last.

Both words in one sentence

  • More generally, Rockefeller's speech was a warning against the conservative takeover of the Republican Party, and the marginalization of its liberal wing, a prediction which proved extremely prescient.
  • Series / The Weird Al Show Crying Wolf: In "The Obligatory Holiday Episode," Madam Judy gives Al a warning about the future, before saying "April Fools." Immediately after, she gets another prediction, trying to warn Al to listen to his friends, but Al thinks it's another April Fools joke.
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