Preserve and Save


Preserve verb - To keep in good condition.
Usage example: vigilantly preserving the ancient statue for future generations to enjoy

Save is a synonym for preserve in keep topic. In some cases you can use "Save" instead a verb "Preserve", when it comes to topics like care for, persevere, guard, protect. popular alternative


Save verb - To avoid unnecessary waste or expense.
Usage example: we'll have to scrimp and save to be able to afford college

Preserve is a synonym for save in keep topic. You can use "Preserve" instead a verb "Save", if it concerns topics such as guard, protection, persevere, protect. popular alternative

Nearby Words: saving, saved, saver

Common collocations

humanity preserve humanity save humanity
soul preserve soul save soul
life preserve life save life
people preserve people save people
Other words: marriage, race, reputation, future, way, species, universe, world, planet, souls, lives.

Both words in one sentence

  • Logically then somebody who dies not in despair but to save another, preserve the time line, protect the Earth, etc.
  • Seppuku By taking his own life, he was able to preserve his honor, save the Wehrmacht the disgrace of having one of their top men executed as a traitor, and most importantly keep his family out of the hands of the People's Court, which was treating spouses and children as co-conspirators.
    Source: Seppuku
  • Tragic Dream From the same series, Gulcasa wants to save the world and rebuild society from the ground up so as to protect the peasantry from the abuses of nobility and rulers—and in doing so, preserve the ideals that he and his surrogate mother Siskier fought for.
    Source: Tragic Dream
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