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Print noun – A perceptible trace left by pressure.
Stats and print are semantically related In some cases you can replace term "Stats" with "Print", this nouns are similar.
Nearby Words: printed, printing, printer, printout, printable
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Defintions of Stats not found.
Print and stats are semantically related in reproduction topic. You can use "Print" instead a noun "Stats", if it concerns topics such as duplication.
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  • Film / Coneheads However, perhaps Seedling doesn't want INS print that they had three refugees from 'Remulak' in official US refugee stats.
  • Webcomic / Kubera Print Bonus: The books have some extra panels and small scenes that aren't in the online version, in addition to trading cards with character stats.
  • Magazine / Dragon Notzilla: The magazine once had a editor's note about their refusal to print Dungeons & Dragons stats for Godzilla, the editor at the time simply stated that, licensing issues aside, they could change his name to "Herman" and most PC's would be lizard food.
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