Problem and Riddle


Problem noun - Something that requires thought and skill for resolution.
Usage example: the problem of world hunger

Riddle is a synonym for problem in puzzle topic. In some cases you can use "Riddle" instead a noun "Problem". popular alternative

Nearby Words: problematic, problematical


Riddle noun - Something hard to understand or explain.
Usage example: his motives for starting an argument with the coach were a complete riddle
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Synonyms for Riddle

Problem is a synonym for riddle in puzzle topic. You can use "Problem" instead a noun "Riddle", if it concerns topics such as enigma, brain-teaser. popular alternative

Nearby Words: riddled, riddling

How words are described

old old problem old riddle
exact exact problem exact riddle
particular particular problem particular riddle
similar similar problem similar riddle
Other adjectives: common, complex, original, initial, simple, entire, little, interesting, new, final, larger, different, giant, mathematical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Riddle Me This The problem is that if the target of the spell can correctly answer the riddle, the spell fails.
  • A game where even the slightest bump with an enemy sends you flying backwards, where every puzzle is a trick wrapped in a riddle split up and scattered across a huge area, where every boss can and will flatten you without much of a problem.
  • Stock Lateral Thinking Puzzle: Invoked in "Brainteasers." Brian sets up three classic puzzles—the fox, duck, and grain boat-crossing problem, a "two trains going in different directions" riddle, and the "a man is hanging from the rafters with a pool of water beneath him" mystery.
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