Problem and Solution


Problem noun - Something that requires thought and skill for resolution.
Usage example: the problem of world hunger

Solution is an antonym for problem in topics: difficulty, puzzle.

Nearby Words: problematic, problematical


Solution noun - Something attained by mental effort and especially by computation.
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Synonyms for Solution

Problem is an antonym for solution in topics: answer, mixture of liquid and another substance.

Nearby Words: solve, soluble, solubility, solute

How words are described

similar similar problem similar solution
usual usual problem usual solution
common common problem common solution
specific specific problem specific solution
Other adjectives: complex, original, initial, obvious, simple, actual, entire, real, bad, potential, interesting, new, unique, immediate, general, possible, primary, basic, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Daimon Kaito is a pun on "mondai kaitou" ("problem/solution" in Japanese).
  • Deus Ex Nukina Also, the GNR radio quest is the straight-played example, where both the problem and the solution are introduced at the same time.
  • Literature / Harriet the Spy She gets started on causing one for everyone in the Spy-Catching Club, but her parents interfere and get her to a child psychologist to find the real problem and a solution.
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