Prove and Show


Show Definitions
Prove verb – To gain full recognition or acceptance of.
Usage example: proved herself a great actress on the Broadway stage

Show is a synonym for prove in verify topic. In some cases you can use "Show" instead the word "Prove" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like demonstrate, put to a test. popular alternative
Nearby Words: proved, proven, proving, provable
Synonyms for Prove


Show Definitions
Show verb – To gain full recognition or acceptance of.
Usage example: that shows we're right

Prove is a synonym for show in indicate topic. You can use "Prove" instead a verb "Show", if it concerns topics such as passively exhibit something. popular alternative
Nearby Words: showy, showed, showing, showcase, shown
Synonyms for Show

Common collocations

love prove love show love
ability prove ability show ability
skill prove skill show skill
power prove power show power
Other nouns: strength, life, name, status, nature, someone, time, nothing, skills.

Both words in one sentence

  • By the time Shinovi's sequel rolls around, she has learned that it's pointless to worry about what people think of her...and promptly becomes so desperate to prove/show off her newfound "confidence" that she gets into fights with people.
    Source: Aesop Amnesia
  • She doesn't really seem to care if anyone pays attention to her at all and her attempts to show off in battle are mostly to prove she doesn't need anyone's help rather than to show off.
  • Music / Jay-Z He first became known to a wide audience by being featured on the posse cut "Show and Prove" on the 1994 Big Daddy Kane album Daddy's Home.
    Source: Music / Jay-Z
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