Public and Society


Public noun - Human beings in general.
Usage example: a lecture open to the public

Society is a synonym for public in people topic. In some cases you can use "Society" instead a noun "Public", when it comes to topics like specific, people of community. popular alternative


Society noun - A group of persons formally joined together for some common interest.
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Synonyms for Society

Public is a synonym for society in community topic. You can use "Public" instead a noun "Society", if it concerns topics such as people, humankind, specific. popular alternative

Nearby Words: social, societal

How words are described

human human public human society
normal normal public normal society
regular regular public regular society
alien alien public alien society
Other adjectives: actual, entire, real, greater, larger, local, modern, futuristic, victorian, mainstream, European.

Both words in one sentence

  • Criminal Minds has had a few of these, for example a man who targeted people he considered having escaped justice by calling themselves victims of society, public hysteria, or anything else.
  • Series / Daredevil Public opinion of him is also divided, with some people fearing and condemning Castle's actions, and others who praise him for getting rid of the violent criminals who prey on society.
  • Lobotomy He believed he would help society to deal with violence and crime, but he showed to public only people who turned docile.
    Source: Lobotomy
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