Question and Suspect


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Question verb – To have no trust or confidence in.
Usage example: it was apparent that voters were questioning the President's ability to manage the economy

Suspect is a synonym for question in doubt topic. In some cases you can use "Suspect" instead a verb "Question", when it comes to topics like dispute, query.
Nearby Words: questionable, questioning, quest, questioned, questioner
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Suspect verb – To have no trust or confidence in.
Usage example: I suspected him from the moment he said he was an old friend of my sister's, since I probably would have heard about him

Question is a synonym for suspect. You can use "Question" instead a verb "Suspect".
Nearby Words: suspected, suspecting
Synonyms for Suspect

How words are described

old old question old suspect
good good question good suspect
particular particular question particular suspect
better better question better suspect
Other adjectives: right, certain, current, original, reasonable, single, obvious, actual, real, wrong, little, main, innocent, new, major, possible, final, next, last, different, recurring.

Common collocations

person question person suspect person
character question character suspect character
man question man suspect man
people question people suspect people
Other nouns: someone, presence, situation, way, identity, story, reality, existence, feelings, motives.

Both words in one sentence

  • Beauty Equals Goodness So it's the job of the "supporting characters" to never suspect or question these people.
  • Everyone Is a Suspect Sometimes there is only one real suspect, who the audience knows is guilty because there is no one else (and Conan figures it out pretty quick too), and the question is how they did it.
  • Series / Cops The full footage shows multiple officers trying to both talk to the suspect and peacefully subdue him, and the suspect was clearly shown on camera lunging at the cop in question with the knife.
    Source: Series / Cops
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