Quiet and Upset


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Quiet verb – To free from distress or disturbance.
Usage example: quiet a crying toddler with candy

Upset is an antonym for quiet in calm topic.
Nearby Words: quietly, quieten, quiescent, quieted, quietness
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Upset verb – To trouble the mind of; to make uneasy.
Usage example: the smallest things can upset us if we're already stressed

Quiet is an antonym for upset in bother topic.
Nearby Word: upsetting
Antonyms for Upset
Similar words of quiet
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Similar words of upset
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How words are described

complete complete quiet complete upset
extreme extreme quiet extreme upset
little little quiet little upset

Things that words describes

guy quiet guy upset guy
woman quiet woman upset woman
boy quiet boy upset boy
tone quiet tone upset tone
Other nouns: kid, child, sister.

Both words in one sentence

  • Journey to the Center of the Mind Ian, quietly applying Occam's Razor, seems to realise they're actually in a theme park attraction, but keeps quiet so as not to upset the Doctor.
  • Film / *batteries not included Spicy Latina: Shy, quiet Marisa subverts this trope, although she will let you know when she's upset or angered.
  • Tattooed Crook When the Avatar accidentally sees it when s/he walks into him when he's bathing, Gaius is so upset that he tries to bribe them to get them to stay quiet.
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