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Read verb – Interpret something that is written or printed.
Usage example: read the advertisement

Say is a synonym for read in express topic. In some cases you can use "Say" instead a verb "Read", when it comes to topics like show, declaim. popular alternative
Nearby Words: reading, reader, readable, readability, readably
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Say verb – Have or contain a certain wording or form.
Usage example: What does the law say?

Read is a synonym for say in show topic. You can use "Read" instead a verb "Say", if it concerns topics such as indicate, recite, declaim, make declaration. popular alternative
Nearby Word: saying
Synonyms for Say

How words are described

good good read good say
best best read best say
short short read short say
solid solid read solid say
Other adjectives: light, powerful, great, little, bad, dark, easy, traditional, funny, different.

Common collocations

people read people say people
part read part say part
word read word say word
name read name say name
Other nouns: time, way, words, title, times, lines.

Both words in one sentence

  • Show one eye a card telling the person to do something (get up and get a Coke, say) and the person will then do so with no memory of having read the card.
    Source: Hand Wave
  • It wasn't as "naughty" to admit you read Playboy because you could always say "I Read It for the Articles".
  • However, this is one of the best Ranma crossovers I've ever read, to say nothing of Chrono Trigger (which I've read precious few fics of).
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