Reasonable and Sensible


Reasonable adjective - According to the rules of logic.
Usage example: his answer is perfectly reasonable

Sensible is a synonym for reasonable in within reason topic. In some cases you can use "Sensible" instead an adjective "Reasonable", when it comes to topics like behaviour, rational, reason, regular. popular alternative


Sensible adjective - According to the rules of logic.
Usage example: this is the only sensible conclusion

Reasonable is a synonym for sensible in rational topic. You can use "Reasonable" instead an adjective "Sensible", if it concerns topics such as reason, regular, just, intelligent. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Videogame / EverQuest II Most PC armor remains reasonable and sensible, but as of LU63 female characters can wear halter top shaped breastplates.
  • His Pragmatic Villainy makes him quite reasonable and sensible: "buy for a dollar, sell for two".
    Source: Noble Demon
  • Notably, in both cases the ones saying "We should contact CPS about these kids," are treated as sensible and reasonable, and the one who wanted the children taken away right that second is treated as a hysteric.
    Source: Abuse Mistake
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