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Reduce verb – Lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture.
Weaken is a synonym for reduce in defeat topic. In some cases you can use "Weaken" instead a verb "Reduce", when it comes to topics like slacken, lessen, diminish, decrease.
Nearby Words: reduced, reduction, reducing, reducible
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Weaken verb – To diminish the physical strength of.
Reduce is a synonym for weaken in reduction topic. You can use "Reduce" instead a verb "Weaken", if it concerns topics such as slacken, diminish, decrease, thin.
Nearby Words: weak, weakness, weakening
Synonyms for Weaken

Common collocations

power reduce power weaken power
strength reduce strength weaken strength
impact reduce impact weaken impact
attack reduce attack weaken attack
Other nouns: effect, time, world, effects, morale, target, city, opponent, player, enemy, armor, elements, humans, numbers, attacks, powers, enemies.

Both words in one sentence

  • While such a fight could doubtless reduce the Capellan Confederation to little more than a memory, it would also weaken the enemy they fought enough for that nation's other foes to gain the upper hand.
  • Videogame / Doom There are some levels in Doom II in particular where the only way for the player to survive (barring the use of cheat codes) is to trigger in-fighting to either reduce enemy numbers or get other monsters to take out or weaken one of the big bads like the Cyberdemon.
  • And if that wasn't enough, during the End Phase you can either reduce the ATK of all monsters your opponent controls by 1000, or just inflict 1000 damage to them if they don't have a monster to weaken.
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