Reflection and Thought


Reflection noun - A careful weighing of the reasons for or against something.
Usage example: after reflection, they decided to refuse the offer on the house

Thought is a synonym for reflection in contemplation topic. In some cases you can use "Thought" instead a noun "Reflection", when it comes to topics like meditation, activity, consideration, opinion. popular alternative


Thought noun - A careful weighing of the reasons for or against something.
Usage example: I'll give your request some thought and then let you know what my decision is

Reflection is a synonym for thought in contemplation topic. You can use "Reflection" instead a noun "Thought", if it concerns topics such as meditation, activity, consideration, rationalization. popular alternative

How words are described

human human reflection human thought
good good reflection good thought
clear clear reflection clear thought
long long reflection long thought
Other adjectives: better, brief, original, true, real, evil, little, bad, interesting, traditional, further, modern, philosophical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Mirror Routine Mega Man NT Warrior has Yuriko and Mariko doing this, mainly because Mariko thought Yuriko was her reflection due to their very similar appearance.
  • Franchise / Dragon Age Eldritch Location: The Fade, realm of dreams and where everything is a pure reflection of thought instead of materials like the mundane world.
  • Video Game / Farethere City Subverted; she's a single person who thought her reflection was another self when she was alive.
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