Reliable and Sure


Reliable adjective - Worthy of one's trust.
Usage example: I need a reliable car that's not going to break down constantly

Sure is a synonym for reliable in trustworthy topic. In some cases you can use "Sure" instead an adjective "Reliable", when it comes to topics like sturdy, dependable, unfailing. popular alternative


Sure adjective - Not likely to fail.
Usage example: a sure cure for the winter blues—a week in the Bahamas

Reliable is a synonym for sure in character trait topic. You can use "Reliable" instead an adjective "Sure", if it concerns topics such as sturdy, unfailing. popular alternative

Nearby Word: surely

Both words in one sentence

  • Manga / Dragon Head Apocalypse How: Somewhere between class 0 and class 5; as there's no reliable sources of information, neither the characters nor the reader ever find out for sure.
  • Sure, total abstinence is a more reliable way to avoid pregnancy and STDs than using a condom, but using protection is way better than nothing.
  • Message in a Bottle Apparently, one of the most reliable ways to make sure that a specific person gets your message in a timely manner is to stuff it in a bottle and chuck it in the ocean.
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