Remarkable and Unusual


Remarkable adjective - Different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion.
Usage example: one participant in the race had a remarkable walk that was half-run, half-skip

Unusual is a synonym for remarkable in extraordinary topic. In some cases you can use "Unusual" instead an adjective "Remarkable", when it comes to topics like property, better, exceptional, outstanding. popular alternative

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Unusual adjective - Noticeably different from what is generally found or experienced.
Usage example: we found some unusual shells by the high-tide mark while combing the beach

Remarkable is a synonym for unusual in extraordinary topic. You can use "Remarkable" instead an adjective "Unusual", if it concerns topics such as property, better, exceptional, wonderful. popular alternative

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Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / Providence Dr North drops so many puns about his unusual hobbies it is remarkable that even Black does not note the truth.
  • Dem Bones While most Dungeons & Dragons settings are full of undead, Forgotten Realms are especially fond of this theme and has the remarkable collection of unusual bones.
    Source: Dem Bones
  • Sadly, it only happens thanks to a remarkable, extremely unusual and unique adoptive parent, Howard Colvin, a former cop who identifies Namond's potential.
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