Remote and Slight


Remote adjective - Small in degree.
Usage example: there's a remote chance that it'll rain today, so I brought an umbrella

Slight is a synonym for remote in faint topic. In some cases you can use "Slight" instead an adjective "Remote", when it comes to topics like big, unlikely.

Nearby Words: remoteness, remotely


Slight adjective - Small in degree.
Usage example: only a slight chance of success

Remote is a synonym for slight in insignificant topic. You can use "Remote" instead an adjective "Slight", if it concerns topics such as big, distant.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Coconut Effect The Wii remote has an interesting method to simulate the "feel" of buttons: every time your cursor passes over a button, the controller makes a very slight vibration.
  • Even a slight tip in the wrong direction of the Wii Remote has a chance of resulting in complete and utter failure.
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