Report and Summary


Report noun - A loud explosive sound.

Summary is a synonym for report in account topic. In some cases you can use "Summary" instead a noun "Report", when it comes to topics like thing, outline, language, examination.


Summary noun - A short statement of the main points.

Report is a synonym for summary in thing topic. Sometimes you can use "Report" instead a noun "Summary", if it concerns topics such as account, language, examination, short statement of main points.

How words are described

good good report good summary
full full report full summary
long long report long summary
detailed detailed report detailed summary
Other adjectives: better, brief, short, original, initial, accurate, actual, entire, real, quick, vague, final, inaccurate, official.

Both words in one sentence

  • Most memorable scenes of this trip report "experiment summary" involved turning into a fox whose eyes were inside the mouth and being scared shitless by a two-faced doll.
  • It comprises a completely inaccurate summary of the novels, and a list of suggested report topics that focuses on the bits they've made up.
  • Anime / Neon Genesis Evangelion Clip Show: About half of episode 14 is a clip summary of the first half of the series, packaged as an internal SEELE report about Gendou’s activities, and some commentary from Shinji’s classmates.
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