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Require verb – To have as a requirement.
Usage example: the toy requires four batteries, which are not included

Want is a synonym for require in need topic. In some cases you can use "Want" instead a verb "Require", when it comes to topics like feeling, necessity, get, owned. popular alternative
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Want verb – To have as a requirement.
Usage example: that stray cat wants food and a clean place to sleep

Require is a synonym for want in need topic. You can use "Require" instead a verb "Want", if it concerns topics such as feeling, desire, lack, get. popular alternative
Nearby Words: wanting, wanted
Synonyms for Want

Common collocations

attention require attention want attention
help require help want help
character require character want character
power require power want power
Other nouns: people, kind, someone, number, time, characters, money, food, blood.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Dragon Age: Inquisition Further, if you want specific rewards/outcomes for these missions, you need to use specific Advisers for it - meaning that if two missions both require 12 hours or so, and you want the same Advisor to do both, you won't be done until tomorrow.
  • Video Game / The Warriors You'll need every last dollar if you want to purchase flash, graffiti paint or weapons and some missions will require you to pay an NPC to advance in the level.
  • But, in fiction, something so mundane would be boring or require some over the top effects to work like they want.
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