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Resemblance noun – A point which two or more things share in common.
Usage example: I see a family resemblance between you and your brother

Similarity is a synonym for resemblance in likeness topic. In some cases you can use "Similarity" instead a noun "Resemblance", when it comes to topics like affinity, same, identity. popular alternative
Nearby Words: resembling, resembled
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Similarity noun – The quality or state of having many qualities in common.
Usage example: the similarity between the two essays is too great to be coincidental—one author virtually copied the other

Resemblance is a synonym for similarity in likeness topic. You can use "Resemblance" instead a noun "Similarity", if it concerns topics such as affinity, same, identity. popular alternative
Nearby Words: similar, similarly, similitude, simile
Synonyms for Similarity

How words are described

close close resemblance close similarity
physical physical resemblance physical similarity
notable notable resemblance notable similarity
certain certain resemblance certain similarity
Other adjectives: obvious, superficial, strong, distinct, definite, real, vocal, extreme, great, little, slight, remarkable, striking, suspicious, incredible, vague, passing, marked, eerie, visual, startling.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dialga isn't much like a dragon, though Palkia has more similarity to the European dragon, and Giratina's Origin Forme bears its resemblance to the Chinese dragon.
  • Manga / Card Captor Sakura Alleged Lookalikes: Sonomi comments on Sakura's similarity to her mother, even though Touya has more of a resemblance - in fact, Sakura seems to look more like Sonomi, and Tomoyo (Sonomi's daughter) resembles Nadeshiko a bit as well, with her long hair.
  • Viewers Are Morons James' plots, characters or writing bear a striking resemblance to Meyer's work—counts egregious hand-holding as a similarity to the Twilight series.
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