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Reveal verb – To make known (as information previously kept secret).
Usage example: at the end of the book, the detective reveals the identity of the mysterious stranger

Uncover is a synonym for reveal in show topic. In some cases you can use "Uncover" instead a verb "Reveal", when it comes to topics like divulge, disclose, open, find. popular alternative
Nearby Words: revealed, revealing
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Uncover verb – To make known (as information previously kept secret).
Usage example: uncovered the location of the secret documents

Reveal is a synonym for uncover in expose topic. You can use "Reveal" instead a verb "Uncover", if it concerns topics such as activity, show, divulge, disclose. popular alternative
Nearby Word: uncovering
Synonyms for Uncover

Common collocations

body reveal body uncover body
truth reveal truth uncover truth
nature reveal nature uncover nature
reason reveal reason uncover reason
Other nouns: plot, fact, face, plan, identity, location, map, information, secret, past, details, evidence, plans, origins, secrets, backstory.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Dog Was the Mastermind If the player takes time to find all the collectables in the game, they'll uncover the truth before the reveal.
  • The All-Solving Hammer Really, in many Mario RPGs, hammering stuff either helps uncover coins and neat items or reveal secrets in the landscape.
  • The Nudifier Slissy tries using an "uncover" spell to reveal the party's enemies... but since she seems to be an Inept Mage, this result in herself and three fellow adventurers ending up naked.
    Source: The Nudifier
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