Right and True


Right adjective - Following an original exactly.
Usage example: a modern replica of an 18th-century British warship that is right in all of its details

True is a synonym for right in correct topic. In some cases you can use "True" instead an adjective "Right", when it comes to topics like fair, accurate. popular alternative


True adjective - Being exactly as appears or as claimed.
Usage example: his claim that he's the heir to the throne of Greece can't be true

Right is a synonym for true in quality topic. You can use "Right" instead the word "True" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as correct, loyal, real. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Is she a complete Control Freak, a pillar of negativity and hatred imposing her twisted vision of what's 'good, true and right' on everyone around her?
  • A major element of this corruption is that all it takes is close proximity to the ring to make a being eventually come to believe that they deserve to have it; that it is right and true and fair that they possess and wield it.
  • No True Scotsman She's actually right, but her reasoning that no true Overlord Zenon is a petty jerk had nothing to do with it — the real Overlord Zenon is much worse.
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