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Role noun – The action for which a person or thing is specially fitted or used or for which a thing exists.
Share and role are semantically related in do topic. In some cases you can use "Share" instead a noun "Role".
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Share noun – Something belonging to, due to, or contributed by an individual member of a group.
Role and share are semantically related in do topic. Sometimes you can use "Role" instead a noun "Share".
Nearby Words: shared, sharing, sharer, shareholder, shareable
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old old role old share
good good role good share
female female role female share
similar similar role similar share
Other adjectives: usual, original, substantial, small, entire, large, big, huge, main, new, major, former, minor, significant, greater, larger, smaller, last, different, bigger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Knight Rider In the 2008 series everyone other than KITT and Michael share this role, even though KITT can do it himself making the rest of the cast pretty much redundant.
  • It is unique in that the brothers themselves seldom share scenes: Harpo gets the lion's share of the plot, followed by Chico in a supporting role and then Groucho rounds out with occasional scenes.
  • In terms of role designation, the trope is still usually played straight however, due to Stan usually playing the Bumbling Dad role and getting the vaster share of Aesops handed to him than Francine.
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