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Run-in noun – An angry dispute.
Words is a synonym for run-in. In some cases you can use "Words" instead a noun phrase "Run-in".
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Words noun – An angry dispute.
Usage example: they had words

Run-in is a synonym for words. You can use "Run-in" instead a noun "Words".
Synonyms for Words

Both words in one sentence

  • In other words, you didn't just have an unfortunate run-in with two random Tyrannosaurs, but rather a hunting pair that wanted to eat you.
  • After a run-in with NOS-4-A2, the 2 seperate, in the beginning of the end... Major Crossover 99 Luftballons- In four words?
  • It's not very useful in most cases, except the occasional prank at a wedding ceremony, but then she has a run-in with the evil Com-Pewter, who can alter local reality with the words printed on his screen.
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