Scale and Size


Scale verb - Size or measure according to a scale.
Usage example: This model must be scaled down
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Synonyms for Scale

Size is a synonym for scale in quantity topic. In some cases you can use "Size" instead the word "Scale" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like extent, degree, measure. popular alternative

Nearby Words: scaled, scaling, scalable


Size verb - Sort according to size.
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Synonyms for Size

Scale is a synonym for size in quantity topic. You can use "Scale" instead the word "Size" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as extent. popular alternative

Nearby Words: sized, sizing, sizeable

How words are described

human human scale human size
full full scale full size
exact exact scale exact size
similar similar scale similar size
Other adjectives: normal, usual, short, certain, average, relative, sheer, small, actual, massive, large, increased, great, enormous, huge, microscopic, gigantic, greater, larger, smaller, different, realistic, overall, bigger.

Common collocations

body scale body size body
time scale time size time
bit scale bit size bit
resistance scale resistance size resistance
Other words: units, ceilings.
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