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Set adjective – Having been established and usually not subject to change.
Usage example: the library is only open during set hours

Variable is an antonym for set in decided topic.
Nearby Words: setup, setting
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Variable adjective – Capable of being readily changed.
Usage example: a variable expense that we could reduce if we needed to

Set is an antonym for variable.
Nearby Words: variation, varied, variance, variability, variably
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Similar words of variable
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Things that words describes

order set order variable order
number set number variable number
pattern set pattern variable pattern
range set range variable range
Other nouns: limit, time, sword, lighting, gender, swords, designs.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Warframe Equinox, the yin-yang Warframe, follows in Chroma's footsteps with a variable power set, but with a very different implementation.
  • Silliness Switch In Team Fortress 2 whoever's running the server can set the "birthday" console variable (cvar) from 0 to 1 to enable "Birthday Mode".
  • Video Game / Ghost Master Variable Mix: The game switches among a set of soundtracks based on the situation.
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