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Shaky adjective – Giving good reason for being doubted, questioned, or challenged.
Usage example: results that were arrived at using some shaky experimental procedures

Weak is a synonym for shaky in trembling topic. In some cases you can use "Weak" instead an adjective "Shaky", when it comes to topics like change, likely, unstable, unreliable.
Nearby Words: shake, shaking, shaken, shakily
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Weak adjective – Lacking bodily strength.
Shaky is a synonym for weak in change topic. You can use "Shaky" instead an adjective "Weak", if it concerns topics such as likely, cowardly, infirm, deficient.
Nearby Words: weaken, weakness, weakly, weakening, weakling
Synonyms for Weak

Things that words describes

guy shaky guy weak guy
team shaky team weak team
hand shaky hand weak hand
example shaky example weak example
Other nouns: grasp, justification, voice, version, shots.

Both words in one sentence

  • They start out rather weak, being fragile, having somewhat shaky accuracy, and not dealing relatively high amounts of damage.
  • Fanfic / This Bites! Not So Different: Jabra could have been able to use this against Luffy...and then he had to defy this trope by calling Blueno weak, after he was already on shaky standing with Luffy.
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