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Significant adjective – Sufficiently large in size, amount, or number to merit attention.
Usage example: paid a significant amount of money for the movie rights to the book

Tiny is an antonym for significant in insignificant topic.
Nearby Words: significance, significantly, signification
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Tiny adjective – Very small in size.
Significant is an antonym for tiny in topics: great, very small.
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Similar words of tiny
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Things that words describes

force significant force tiny force
part significant part tiny part
detail significant detail tiny detail
amount significant amount tiny amount
Other nouns: portion, chance, number, fraction, percentage, population, details, minority, amounts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / World War Z In-Name-Only: Besides the title, the movie has only tiny tips of the hat to the book, none significant.
  • Even that isn't as significant as it sounds, as Volrath taunts the heroes by revealing that the Phyrexian warfleet they just destroyed is just a tiny fraction of the invading army.
  • Humans Are Psychic in the Future: The Hub stories have a significant number of psychic characters, even though psis are still only a tiny fraction of the human race.
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