Significant and Unimportant


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Significant adjective – Having great meaning or lasting effect.
Usage example: made a significant change in the procedure for applying for citizenship

Unimportant is an antonym for significant in topics: important, insignificant, telling.
Nearby Words: significance, significantly, signification
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Unimportant adjective – Lacking importance.
Usage example: we figured that the details were unimportant as long as we got the basic design correct

Significant is an antonym for unimportant in topics: value, important.
Nearby Words: unimportance, unimportantly
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Similar words of significant
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Similar words of unimportant
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Things that words describes

character significant character unimportant character
force significant force unimportant force
role significant role unimportant role
part significant part unimportant part
Other nouns: event, parts, scene, characters, villain, details, bonus, events.

Both words in one sentence

  • Amber reveals that Pokémon tears are full of life, and though it seems unimportant at the time, it becomes very significant when Ash is revived by Pokémon tears.
  • Beyond that the number of members is unimportant so long as the group involves not a significant amount of Apathetic members, a case that would pretty much defeat the purpose of the trope, which is group conflict.
  • Fan Fic / Cinderjuice Idiosyncratic Wipes: As a nod to the cartoon, scene shifts within chapters will occasionally take the form of "Ripple dissolve to [location]." The Law of Conservation of Detail: A lot of seemingly unimportant details in the earlier installments are revealed to be significant as the series continues.
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