Silly and Wise


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Silly adjective – Showing or marked by a lack of good sense or judgment.
Usage example: those silly movie producers who thought that audiences would fall for that gimmick all over again

Wise is an antonym for silly in topics: foolish, absurd.
Nearby Word: silliness
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Wise adjective – Having or showing deep understanding and intelligent application of knowledge.
Usage example: a respected and wise old judge famous for her sensible rulings

Silly is an antonym for wise.
Nearby Words: wisely, wised
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Things that words describes

person silly person wise person
girl silly girl wise girl
character silly character wise character
man silly man wise man
Other nouns: people, idea, appearance, plot, characters, personality, story, words.

Both words in one sentence

  • Karmic Trickster May masquerade as The Fool, or vice versa; whether silly or wise, he will always display Hidden Depths (if only a knack for comedy and Simpleminded Wisdom) whom the audience may laugh at.
  • Fan Fic / Paper Mario X Not So Above It All: Zelda is her wise and graceful self, yet it seems being with Link has rubbed off on her, as she can be just as silly and mischievous as him at times.
  • Film / Beat the Devil Bilingual Bonus: "Chelm" is the name for a legendary Jewish town ruled by "wise fools" who come up with silly solutions that usually somehow work out and fix problems.
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