So-called and Titular


So-called adjective - Doubtful or suspect.
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Synonyms for So-called

Titular is a synonym for so-called in stated topic. In some cases you can use "Titular" instead an adjective phrase "So-called", when it comes to topics like nominal, in name only. popular alternative


Titular adjective - Being something in name or form only.
Usage example: he's the titular head of the department, though it's the assistant managers who largely run things around here
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Synonyms for Titular

So-called is a synonym for titular in in name only topic. You can use "So-called" instead an adjective "Titular", if it concerns topics such as stated, having a title.

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Both words in one sentence

  • The titular characters of Tokyo Ghoul are (predictably) all this way to some degree, from Picky People Eater Tsukiyama to the "Binge Eater" Rize to the so-called "vegetarian" Kaneki Ken.
  • Alternate History The end result is a less than perfect union, with the resultant factions being the so-called Free States, the United States and the titular DMZ (formerly known as Manhattan).
  • Therefore bishops who work exclusively in administrative matters and bishops who really screwed up are assigned to these so-called Titular Sees.
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