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Source noun – A point or place at which something is invented or provided.
Variation is an antonym for source.
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Variation noun – A distinct treatment of something (as a story or a play).
Source is an antonym for variation in difference topic.
Nearby Words: variety, variable, varied, variance, variant
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Similar words of source
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Similar words of variation
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How words are described

good good source good variation
common common source common variation
specific specific source specific variation
original original source original variation
Other adjectives: popular, powerful, real, main, new, fantastic, frequent, possible, occasional, different, genetic.

Both words in one sentence

  • No Eye in Magic An auditory variation might involve avoiding the effects of a Compelling Voice by listening to recordings instead of the actual source.
  • Spider-Sense In a variation, the Paladin doesn't necessarily sense the source of those intentions, and danger is not synonymous with evil or even deadly intent.
    Source: Spider-Sense
  • Cosmic Horror Story An interesting variation is The Dancers at the End of Time: Humanity itself is the source of the horror.
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