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Speaking noun – The utterance of intelligible speech.
Talk is a synonym for speaking in speech topic. In some cases you can use "Talk" instead the word "Speaking" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like language, utterance, discussion, public speaking.
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Talk noun – A usually formal discourse delivered to an audience.
Speaking is a synonym for talk in speech topic. You can use "Speaking" instead a noun "Talk", if it concerns topics such as utterance, chatter, discussion, public speaking.
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  • Interestingly, unlike most Keets, he doesn't talk much, at least outside of his own gamenote the volleyball minigame in the Wii version of Samba De Amigo does have Amigo speaking through speech bubbles, implying that he might be able to talk; he mostly just makes maraca noises instead.
  • Ruthless Modern Pirates Then it turned out that the man giving the talk about pirates was a captain who had been hijacked by Somali pirates, and was doing public speaking about his experiences.
  • Poirot Speak Himejima, whose native language is Japanese, tends to talk in German to be interesting, but the other (Japanese-speaking) characters respond like he's speaking Japanese anyway.
    Source: Poirot Speak
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