Stack and Touch


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Stack noun – A considerable amount.
Usage example: earned a stack of money for writing the screenplay

Touch is an antonym for stack.
Nearby Words: stacked, stacker, stacking
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Touch noun – A very small amount.
Usage example: added just a touch of parsley to the dish

Stack is an antonym for touch.
Nearby Words: touched, touchy, touching, toucher, touchable
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How words are described

musical musical stack musical touch
nice nice stack nice touch
perfect perfect stack perfect touch
single single stack single touch
Other adjectives: small, neat, great, tiny, extra, added.

Common collocations

wall stack wall touch wall
top stack top touch top
side stack side touch side
hands stack hands touch hands
Other nouns: books, stones, objects, bodies, blocks.

Both words in one sentence

  • Lame Pun Reaction Eventually, Scrooge does manage to interest the people in his money — but only aesthetically, and as a finishing touch, they chop their new stack of bills into two square halves.
  • Series / Between the Lions Cleo ends up writing a book with Leona as the queen where instead of asking her assistant (Lionel) to pull a piano out of the bottom of the giant stack she had built to reach the moon, Leona spies the moon's reflection in the lagoon and dives into it, allowing her to touch the moon.
  • Film / Bloodsport Brick Break: Dux demonstrates the Dim Mak ("death touch") for the judges to prove Tanaka was his master by breaking the bottom brick in a vertical stack with an overhead strike.
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