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State verb – To convey in appropriate or telling terms.
Take is an antonym for state in declare topic.
Nearby Words: statement, status, stated, stating, statesmanship
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Take verb – To reach for and take hold of by embracing with the fingers or arms.
State is an antonym for take.
Nearby Words: taking, taken, taker
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Similar words of state
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Similar words of take
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How words are described

human human state human take
good good state good take
similar similar state similar take
normal normal state normal take
Other adjectives: original, single, entire, bad, psychological, final, next, last, different, previous, modern.

Common collocations

role state role take role
word state word take word
name state name take name
place state place take place
Other nouns: pride, hand, way.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Life Is Strange It is also the same place where Nathan and Jefferson take their victims and take pictures of them in their grotesque state, and seems to be the primary purpose for the bunker nowadays.
  • Useful Notes / Yanks with Tanks However, the President may only take action if the state's legislature or governor requests federal assistance, or if it is clear the state in question cannot uphold its own laws or the laws set forth in the Constitution.
  • Measuring/determining the state of one causes the other to take a different or opposite state.
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