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State verb – To convey in appropriate or telling terms.
Usage example: please state the vehicle's mechanical problem as clearly and briefly as possible

Word and state are semantically related In some cases you can use "Word" instead a verb "State".
Nearby Words: statement, status, stated, stating, statesmanship
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Word verb – To convey in appropriate or telling terms.
Usage example: tried to word the declaration exactly right

State and word are semantically related in say topic. Sometimes you can use "State" instead a verb "Word".
Nearby Words: wordy, wordless, wording, worded, wordily
Synonyms for Word

How words are described

old old state old word
good good state good word
similar similar state similar word
right right state right word
Other adjectives: original, single, actual, entire, bad, next, last, different.

Common collocations

word state word word word
position state position word position
way state way word way
feelings state feelings word feelings
Other nouns: times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Blake gets to the part where Lincoln says "the independent voters of this county" and tells Hicks "—change that to state." Hicks, naturally, repeats him word for word.
  • Henshin Hero SuperTed transforms into his super-powered state by speaking the phrase "I'll just say my secret magic word..." and then unzipping his fur to reveal a superhero costume underneath.
    Source: Henshin Hero
  • In Watership Down, the rabbit language actually has a word, tharn, for this state of mind.
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