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Statement noun – Something that is said.
Usage example: her statement was met with considerable skepticism

Word is a synonym for statement in speech topic. In some cases you can use "Word" instead a noun "Statement", when it comes to topics like declaration, words. popular alternative
Nearby Words: state, stated, statute, stating
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Word noun – Something that is said.
Usage example: people who believe that the Bible is the literal word of God

Statement is a synonym for word in speech topic. You can use "Statement" instead a noun "Word", if it concerns topics such as remark, words. popular alternative
Nearby Words: wordy, wordless, wording, worded, wordily
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How words are described

long long statement long word
exact exact statement exact word
similar similar statement similar word
common common statement common word
Other adjectives: specific, short, right, certain, original, single, offensive, simple, strong, actual, entire, final, official, random, odd, next, last.

Both words in one sentence

  • Another Sailor Moon statement is the identity of Sailor Cosmos which shows word of god can be very vague.
    Source: Word of God
  • Foreign Cuss Word On CNN, when discussing President Obama's "looking for 'whose ass to kick'" statement in regards to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Ed Henry, not wishing to say the actual word himself, substituted it with 'arse'.
  • Symbol Swearing In most newspaper stories, the offending words in a statement containing profanity (where there is no compelling reason to use the word) is often replaced with dashes, with only the initial letter shown.
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