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Superior adjective – Of the very best kind.
Usage example: a five-star restaurant known for its superior wine list

Top is a synonym for superior in good topic. In some cases you can use "Top" instead the word "Superior" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like excellent, main.
Nearby Words: superiority, superiorly, superioress
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Top adjective – Of the very best kind.
Usage example: he's one of the tennis club's top players

Superior is a synonym for top in good topic. You can use "Superior" instead the word "Top" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as prime, best, excellent, main.
Nearby Words: topping, topmost, toping, toped
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How words are described

female female superior female top
actual actual superior actual top
dark dark superior dark top
new new superior new top
Other adjectives: next, different.

Things that words describes

position superior position top position
rank superior rank top rank
form superior form top form
speed superior speed top speed
Other nouns: level, game, fighter, officers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Manga / Black Lagoon When he gets the drop on Revy, instead of simply shooting her he makes a ridiculously grandiose and over the top speech about how superior he is and how he wields "this terrible gun".
  • Superior Software's box and ads had screenshots of this, but the main painted artwork was of a dark and stormy night, with church tower in the background and an ominous figure in top hat and red-lined opera cape in the foreground... suggesting a possible breakdown in communications with the artist.
  • Notably, the Deputy Prime Minister does not have an automatic right to the top spot should his superior die or resign, either in law or by tradition; it's actually fairly rare.
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