Tantrum and Temper


Tantrum noun - An outburst or display of excited anger.
Usage example: had a tantrum when he found his little sister using his model paints
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Synonyms for Tantrum

Temper is a synonym for tantrum in fit topic. In some cases you can use "Temper" instead a noun "Tantrum", when it comes to topics like huff, feelings. popular alternative


Temper noun - A special quality or impression associated with something.

Tantrum is a synonym for temper in huff topic. You can use "Tantrum" instead a noun "Temper", if it concerns topics such as angriness, feelings, fit of rage. popular alternative

How words are described

long long tantrum long temper
mean mean tantrum mean temper
short short tantrum short temper
mild mild tantrum mild temper
Other adjectives: nasty, real, violent, severe, massive, big, huge, infamous, psychic, explosive, occasional.
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