Transgression and Violation


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Transgression noun – A breaking of a moral or legal code.
Usage example: acts that are transgressions against the laws of civilized societies everywhere

Violation is a synonym for transgression in right topic. In some cases you can use "Violation" instead a noun "Transgression", when it comes to topics like breach, criminality, infringement, impropriety. popular alternative
Nearby Words: transgress, transgressor, transgressed, transgressing
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Violation noun – A breaking of a moral or legal code.
Usage example: in colonial times blasphemy was considered a serious civil violation that merited harsh punishment

Transgression is a synonym for violation in breach topic. You can use "Transgression" instead a noun "Violation", if it concerns topics such as right, criminality, contravention, impropriety. popular alternative
Nearby Words: violated, violating, violator, viol
Synonyms for Violation

How words are described

gross gross transgression gross violation
serious serious transgression serious violation
horrible horrible transgression horrible violation
sexual sexual transgression sexual violation
Other adjectives: minor, horrific, worse, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Sacred Hospitality Therefore the Achaeans were required by duty to Zeus to avenge this transgression, which as a violation of xenia was an insult to Zeus's authority.
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