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Accept verb – To agree to receive whether willingly or reluctantly.
Follow is a synonym for accept in understand topic. In some cases you can use "Follow" instead a verb "Accept", when it comes to topics like go along with.
Nearby Words: accepted, acceptable, acceptance, accepting, acceptably
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Follow verb – To come after in time.
Accept is a synonym for follow in understand topic. Sometimes you can use "Accept" instead a verb "Follow", if it concerns topics such as agreement, act in accordance with.
Nearby Words: following, follower, followed
Synonyms for Follow

Common collocations

life accept life follow life
people accept people follow people
way accept way follow way
rule accept rule follow rule
Other nouns: money, story, orders.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Fallout 3 No Place for Me There: Should you accept and follow through with Eden's idea of purifying the entire Wasteland from mutated lifeforms.
  • Slow Clap: Not actually a clap, but Mac is the first to accept World's more sincere apology, and then the others follow.
  • Medieval Morons Neither do they blindly follow the newcomers or their advice, though they nonetheless accept them eventually.
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