Achieve and Obtain


Achieve verb - To obtain (as a goal) through effort.
Usage example: finally achieved stardom

Obtain is a synonym for achieve in get topic. In some cases you can use "Obtain" instead a verb "Achieve", when it comes to topics like earn, possession, acquisition, win. popular alternative


Obtain verb - To receive as return for effort.
Usage example: after years of proving herself, she obtained recognition as a serious journalist

Achieve is a synonym for obtain in get topic. You can use "Achieve" instead a verb "Obtain", if it concerns topics such as gain, earn, win. popular alternative

Nearby Words: obtained, obtainable, obtaining

Common collocations

power achieve power obtain power
score achieve score obtain score
position achieve position obtain position
status achieve status obtain status
Other words: rank, control, form, way, results, ending, immortality, victory, completion, revenge, powers, godhood.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Mabinogi Spirit Weapons have to be fed large amounts of expensive or hard-to-obtain items to achieve useful stats.
  • Empty Room Psych Before the glitch was common knowledge, many said you could obtain the Triforce through this hallway, or access the Unicorn Fountain and get the Sword Beam, or achieve some other sort of goal.
  • Naturally, Kuzco failed to achieve even one, meaning he had to obtain the highly-dangerous Condor Patch to avoid flunking out of school (It Makes Sense in Context).
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