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Admire verb – Feel admiration for.
Look up to is a synonym for admire in adore topic. In some cases you can use "Look up to" instead a verb "Admire", when it comes to topics like behaviour, respect, hold in high regard. popular alternative
Nearby Words: admirable, admiration, admirer, admiring, admiringly
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Look up to verb – Feel admiration for.
Admire is a synonym for look up to in revere topic. You can use "Admire" instead a verb "Look up to", if it concerns topics such as behaviour, worship, recognize, honor. popular alternative
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  • Cool Big Sis She normally is quite the opposite, but the boys still look up to and admire her and during the show she actually perform many cool things.
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  • All Amazons Want Hercules Rand also wrote an essay arguing that no rational woman would ever want to be president because "the essence of femininity is hero worship — the desire to look up to man." A woman president, being the supreme authority of the land, would have no superior man to admire.
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