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Advance noun – Forward movement in time or place.
Usage example: during her long convalescence, the housebound woman was barely aware of the advance of the seasons

Progress is a synonym for advance in improve topic. In some cases you can use "Progress" instead the word "Advance" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like approach, movement, move, better. popular alternative
Nearby Words: advanced, advancement, advancing, advancer
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Progress noun – Forward movement in time or place.
Usage example: we're making slow progress against this stiff headwind

Advance is a synonym for progress in advancement topic. You can use "Advance" instead the word "Progress" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as development, develop, movement forward, forward movement. popular alternative
Nearby Words: progressive, progression, progressed, progressing, progressively
Synonyms for Progress

How words are described

human human advance human progress
steady steady advance steady progress
good good advance good progress
considerable considerable advance considerable progress
Other adjectives: forward, real, great, little, remarkable, important, new, major, later, radical, scientific, glacial, technical, technological, evolutionary.

Common collocations

link advance link progress link
character advance character progress character
power advance power progress power
civilization advance civilization progress civilization
Other nouns: relationship, plot, track, plan, level, bit, story, evolution, science, storyline, plots, levels, careers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Sonic Advance Trilogy Noob Bridge: In Sonic Advance 2, first act of Sky Canyon Zone, it's impossible to progress without using an air jump move that's only usable while not in ball form.
  • Pinball / Indianapolis 500 A lesser example, but the third Gasoline Alley award is 15 Passes, allowing you to advance your progress towards the Position objective by about 50% in a single shot.
  • Useful Notes / World War I This was not helped by the way that the Germans' commanders did their usual thing and abandoned the nominal aim of the offensive when their progress started to slow, moving instead to attack the French and try to advance on Paris.
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