Develop and Progress


Develop verb - To gradually become clearer or more detailed.
Usage example: as the story of the bombing developed, the scope of the tragedy became more apparent

Progress is a synonym for develop in grow topic. In some cases you can use "Progress" instead the word "Develop" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like cultivate, direction, advance. popular alternative


Progress verb - To become mature.
Usage example: generally a species progresses from simple forms to more specialized forms

Develop is a synonym for progress in direction topic. You can use "Develop" instead a verb "Progress", if it concerns topics such as advance, improve, grow. popular alternative

Common collocations

character develop character progress character
power develop power progress power
civilization develop civilization progress civilization
relationship develop relationship progress relationship
Other words: plot, way, plan, game.

Both words in one sentence

  • Three Act Structure If done well, the Three Act Structure is a useful tool in making interesting stories that develop and progress logically.
  • Reversed: At this time, the urge to change and develop is present but circumstances are delaying progress.
  • Manga / Psychic Academy His feelings for Orina and Myuu begin to develop and contrast as the school year progress.
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