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Advantage noun – The more favorable condition or position in a competition.
Usage example: your experience volunteering at the hospital will put you at an advantage when you're applying for a job there

Edge is a synonym for advantage in benefit topic. In some cases you can use "Edge" instead a noun "Advantage", when it comes to topics like value, lead, upper hand, over. popular alternative
Nearby Words: advantaged, advantageous, advantageously, advantaging
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Edge noun – The more favorable condition or position in a competition.
Usage example: my big feet give me something of an edge in swimming

Advantage is a synonym for edge in value topic. You can use "Advantage" instead a noun "Edge", if it concerns topics such as over. popular alternative
Nearby Words: edgy, edged, edging
Synonyms for Edge

How words are described

physical physical advantage physical edge
better better advantage better edge
single single advantage single edge
small small advantage small edge
Other adjectives: distinct, definite, massive, extreme, serious, huge, little, slight, personal, new, early, major, psychological, competitive, political, possible, decisive, extra, additional, significant, added, technological.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Batman Beyond Paxton takes advantage of this and drives him further over the edge to the point that he becomes so furious he burns off his fake skin in public.
  • During a subsequent fight, Ruri tries to get an advantage over Miroku by using a knife to cut the edge of her Wind Tunnel to make it bigger and stronger... and it quickly grows big enough to consume her right then and there.
  • Waterfall into the Abyss There are even people who take advantage of this and have put a net around the edge (the "circumfence") to catch floating items for salvage (and floating sailors for slaves), and a species of birds that live just below the rim and feed entirely on random stuff that gets washed over the edge.
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