Agent and Vehicle


Agent noun - Something used to achieve an end.
Usage example: the Church has been the traditional agent for social justice in impoverished countries
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Synonyms for Agent

Vehicle is a synonym for agent in power topic. In some cases you can use "Vehicle" instead a noun "Agent", when it comes to topics like author, measure, means, instrument. popular alternative

Nearby Words: agency, agential


Vehicle noun - Something used to achieve an end.
Usage example: used organized protests as a vehicle for change
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Synonyms for Vehicle

Agent is a synonym for vehicle in measure topic. You can use "Agent" instead a noun "Vehicle", if it concerns topics such as channel, instrument, machine used for transportation, means of attaining end. popular alternative

Nearby Word: vehicular

How words are described

old old agent old vehicle
full full agent full vehicle
special special agent special vehicle
best best agent best vehicle
Other adjectives: perfect, single, powerful, actual, real, successful, main, capable, new, titular, last, previous, soviet, eponymous.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Mysterons are actually counting on a kidnapped Spectrum agent using her duress code so they can ambush the rescue team and hijack the titular Rhino armoured vehicle, which they intend to use to blow up a nearby nuclear power station.
  • Hippie Parents In the Dennis Hopper/Kiefer Sutherland vehicle, Flashback, it is revealed that hippie-hating FBI agent John Buckner (Sutherland) was raised by extremely hippie parents on a commune.
  • Torpedo Tits The Ambushers, a Dean Martin "Matt Helm" vehicle, features a smaller caliber version of this in which each cup of a secret agent's bra is actually a gun.
    Source: Torpedo Tits
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