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Almighty noun – The being worshipped as the creator and ruler of the universe.
Usage example: the missionaries gave thanks to the Almighty for their miraculous deliverance from death

Creator is a synonym for almighty in religion topic. In some cases you can use "Creator" instead a noun "Almighty", when it comes to topics like god. popular alternative
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Creator noun – A person who establishes a whole new field of endeavor.
Almighty is a synonym for creator in god topic. You can use "Almighty" instead a noun "Creator", if it concerns topics such as religion. popular alternative
Nearby Words: create, creation, created, creature, creative
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  • Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, is either the primal mistress of all evil, or the supreme, almighty goddess deserving of our unreserved worship.
  • O God, thou art our Father, King Almighty, Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier: the Sanctifier of Jacob, our Pastor, the Shepherd of Israel; the beneficent King, who dealeth beneficently with all; for He hath been, is, and ever will be daily beneficent towards us.
  • Armed with Canon A shipping example from the games themselves: Chris Metzen, one of the most prominent writers, hates the very popular Thrall/Jaina ship with an almighty passion, due to Thrall essentially being his Creator's Pet.
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